The Hardest Part of a Website

The hardest part of any new website is getting the initial look and feel created for it.   Even if you know your theme, if you just load it up, it never looks like it did where you found it.  This increases the challenge of the initial content (home page text, about, contact, and a blog post or two) which has to be written before you can finish the look and feel.  The exception to this

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Until we all go BYOD, Be careful of your trail

If you haven’t heard of BYOD, it stands for Bring Your Own Device.  The idea is simple, rather than your employer buying you new technology and software every 2-3 years, you buy whatever you need and your company gives you a stipend every month or annually for your technology needs.

It’s coming and it has many benefits.  Until we get there though, please don’t forget that you leave a trail on your computer.  A few key tips for those everyone who had a day job and something else that they are trying to make happen.

  1. Don’t use your work email for your personal business.  This includes mailing lists, subscribing to advertisements, and also just trying to use it for communications with buyers/sellers/clients of your personal business.
  2. If you have a laptop that your employer owns, don’t use it to visit sites you wouldn’t visit in the office.  It creates a trail that you were there.

I’ve dealt with both after employees have left and neither situation is good.

  • If you travel for work, get your own laptop if you want to do anything non work related besides webmail and news. I’ve been pondering a Samsung Galaxy 5.0 Android MP3 Player as a great middle ground that I can keep with me at all times without adding that much extra weight.
  • If you have your own personal business, get gmail or you

Keeping yourself protected

Prepare now for when something goes wrong! An acquaintance in Toastmasters recently had their blog hacked.  They had no backup of the database and lost all their past articles and comments.

If you haven’t already, install WP-DBManager on your wordpress blog and set it up to automatically email a database backup weekly.  Check the box for gzip compression to reduce the size.  I recommend using a gmail type account for this and then having it archive the emails automatically.  The goal isn’t to ever review them but just to have them in a safe place that is separate from your website.

Always have good Introduction and use it First!

Though not directly a technology item, many people use technology when making presentations.  If you are one of them, make sure to have someone give you a good introduction before beginning your presentation.

Today in a session with another trainer, I watched as she worked the room to find someone to read her written introduction.  Once she found one, she got up in front of the room and started talking before having the introduction read.

Remember this, presenters should always have a strong easy to read introduction to give them credibility with the audience.  This is even more important when you are doing a teleconference and presentation where you need instant credibility with the audience and body language can’t provide it.