Until we all go BYOD, Be careful of your trail

If you haven’t heard of BYOD, it stands for Bring Your Own Device.  The idea is simple, rather than your employer buying you new technology and software every 2-3 years, you buy whatever you need and your company gives you a stipend every month or annually for your technology needs.

It’s coming and it has many benefits.  Until we get there though, please don’t forget that you leave a trail on your computer.  A few key tips for those everyone who had a day job and something else that they are trying to make happen.

  1. Don’t use your work email for your personal business.  This includes mailing lists, subscribing to advertisements, and also just trying to use it for communications with buyers/sellers/clients of your personal business.
  2. If you have a laptop that your employer owns, don’t use it to visit sites you wouldn’t visit in the office.  It creates a trail that you were there.

I’ve dealt with both after employees have left and neither situation is good.

  • If you travel for work, get your own laptop if you want to do anything non work related besides webmail and news. I’ve been pondering a Samsung Galaxy 5.0 Android MP3 Player as a great middle ground that I can keep with me at all times without adding that much extra weight.
  • If you have your own personal business, get gmail or you