The Hardest Part of a Website

The hardest part of any new website is getting the initial look and feel created for it.   Even if you know your theme, if you just load it up, it never looks like it did where you found it.  This increases the challenge of the initial content (home page text, about, contact, and a blog post or two) which has to be written before you can finish the look and feel.  The exception to this

is big huge corporations who design from scratch and have absolute freedom with what to do.

Most speakers don’t have that luxury.  They need something online now and with a professional image that they can show to potential clients.  Here is the recommended method for getting your first site online.

  1. Write your first four pages (Ignore all visual aspects other than header text and bold/italic)
    1. Home page / welcome message
    2. About you
    3. two blog posts
  2. Install the wordpress theme that you are interested in
  3. Play around with the options to setup the theme to create the look and feel you want

Your ability to tweak the look and feel of the theme depends on the theme itself. Many dated themes don’t have the ability to modify much without changing the code.  Newer themes that are well done have the ability to control much of the look and feel without modifying a single line of code and that is key.

At XMF, we can help you with steps two and three to make them even easier.    We can even help you with step one though it takes a bit of extra time while we learn more about your business.